Art and Cars exhibition at the Hippodrome Côte d’Azur by the Rotary Club Cagnes Renoir

Sunday, September 15, during a wonderful day at the Racecourse for the “Art And Cars” organized by the Rotary Club Cagnes Renoir for the benefit of a beautiful cause.

I wanted to thank Isabelle Utrago and all the volunteers who worked to make this first event a success. Thanks also to all the exhibitors met, artist friends, and the public for their good communicative waves.

A big favorite for Alexandra Allard, Audrey Bollaro, Olivia Turek, Faben, François Barroux, Jeremy Kleinberg, Pascale Berthaud, Annie Lacomme Dartcho, Christine and Hervé Nys, Bertrand Boutin, Loris Quintana, Acid, Kotek.

I am also very happy that 2 of my artworks have found a new home (the mini sculpture “I love Art” , and the wood painting “Pinocchio, Mister President”).
See you soon for new dates!

Photo Credit Mathieu FABRIS and Audrey Bollaro




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