Born in the Paris region, Florence Fabris opened up to the arts at a very early age. Now living in Nice, France since she was 14, the young painter quickly turned to figurative and abstract drawing.

In 2005, Florence Fabris opens her first Concept Art et Beauté. This rupture precedes an upheaval in her artistic practice: she momentarily abandons painting and gives herself with passion to artistic tattooing. At the same time, she developed a taste for photography and many creative arts such as the customization of everyday objects and recycling.

Multidisciplinary artist, her projects have the particularity of offering a polyphony of the senses through the creation of works, objects and unique pieces. His approach is based on the quest for harmony with a simple theme: peace, love and sharing.

It is of the order of “total art”, characterized by the simultaneous use of many artistic media and disciplines, as well as by the symbolic or philosophical significance it holds.

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