Back in images of the Live Painting Performance at “La Quincaillerie d’Art in Nice

As part of the project Place for Art, I realized a Live Painting during the opening evening of July 13 at my friends at “La Quincaillerie d’Art” in Nice.

The theme of this performance is: the enslavement of the living by Man, with the example of this sculpture from a skeleton of T-Rex (street art style), one of the largest terrestrial carnivores of all the times, popularized as a simple pet if he had still existed.

This sculpture is available for sale:

Length: 1m
Weight: 2 kg
concrete base, 3D printing, resin, and acrylic
Unique model

Ask me the price of this sculpture

It was also the occasion to present to the regulars and newcomers the collective of which I am part: Place for Art.
This association aims to promote contemporary and urban art to local authorities and the general public.

Photo credit: Andrea Mareschi

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